Elbow Orthosis
The elbow is one of the three main joints in the forelimb and is located between the carpus and the shoulder.

Elbow orthoses can be used to manage conditions affecting the elbow which result in instability at the joint, or angular limb changes such as
varusinward angulation of the limb segment below a joint
or valgus tendencies.

An elbow orthosis will cross the elbow joint and extend above and below. In some cases an elbow orthosis can be combined with a carpal orthosis to support across both joints.

This type of orthotic device may be used in place of surgery, when surgical repair is not a possible or desired option, or it may be used at some distance after surgery if the procedure did not create the desired level of stability.

It is important to note that conditions such as elbow
dysplasiaabnormality of development
can have a very complex presentation and it can be difficult to say whether the use of an orthosis will be beneficial. As with all bracing, consultation with your veterinarian is essential to evaluate the joint condition and to determine the best course of management.

A clinical presentation known as an elbow
hygromaa false bursa that occurs over a bony prominence
may be managed with a custom elbow protector. A hygroma can present in a number of ways, from a fluid-filled
bursaa small fluid-filled sac
to an open ulcer, located on the
olecranonthe part of the ulna (a bone in the forelimb) that forms the point of the elbow

To assist in the resolution of this condition, an elbow protector can be used to off-load the affected area while transferring the pressure to a larger surface on the underside of the forelimb.