Robert Gets A New Start With A Prosthetic Leg
Toronto Humane Society
This cute little guy was purchased on the Internet. As he began to grow up, his owners noticed he had a deformed leg and they decided to bring him to our shelter. Little Robert, only a few months old, was surrendered to The Toronto Humane Society just before Christmas this winter. One of Robert's back hind legs is too short for him to be able to walk on.
The Pet Network
In this edition: the hottest new trends in pet couture; do-it-yourself cat toys; Doggie DanceFit's grand finale; and the heartwarming story of Sherpa, who got a second chance.
Combination of passions in PawsAbility
Western Alumni Gazette
Janice Olynich fits a dog with a brace at her prosthetics and orthotics business. It took three seemingly unrelated things - work as a prosthetist, a love for dogs and a border collie named Skip suffering from a congenital limb deficiency - to add up to a one-of-a-kind business combining the practical with passion.
Orthotics brighten up holidays for Bowmanville dog
Durham Region
When Farley started having health problems as a puppy, his owners had no idea a pair of orthotics would help him overcome his pain. Bowmanville residents John and Mary McDonald brought the black Labrador retriever into the family two years ago, joining two other labs, Shadow and Caleb.
Dog gets prosthetic leg
North Bay Nugget
Brenna Tonkin made the tough decision to let the veterinarian amputate her dog's front right leg. It wasn't easy, but the owner of the four-year-old Yorkshire Terrier doesn't regret it.
Increasing your senior dog's mobility
PETS Magazine
Maintaining mobility is important for pets of any age, but it is especially critical for senior dogs. The ability to move with ease benefits weight control, joint health and maintenance of muscle mass. But as dogs age, orthopedic issues can inhibit their ability to get around.
A spring in the step for pets
PETS Magazine
In the field of animal rehabilitation, services such as physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture and chiropractic care have become widely accepted as ways of treating and managing joint injuries. Once very specialized discipline that can be added to that list is the service of porviding orthotic and prosthetic devices for small animals.
New leg for rescue dog
Welland Tribune
She was limping along Tice Rd., covered in mud with a severely injured leg. The five- or six-month-old Australian Shepherd desperately needed help. Luckily for the puppy, brothers Jameson and Everette Barr were walking home from school one day last week and happened to see the injured animal.
Donations pour in for injured puppy
Welland Tribune
The plight of a badly-injured puppy in need of a prosthetic limb has pulled at the heartstrings of local dog lovers.